Cardiac Rehabilitation


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    Cardiac Rehabilitation photograph

    The Cardiac Rehabilitation Program at Stony Brook University Hospital is designed to meet the diversified needs of patients with cardiac conditions.

    The goal of the rehabilitation program is to enhance a patient’s physical endurance and strength following a cardiac illness. This is accomplished through a coordinated program involving a skilled team of medical professionals including a physician, a registered nurse, and physical therapist. Each patient receives a comprehensive evaluation and a customized exercise plan. Patients are seen two to three times per week for rehabilitation exercise that is monitored by the cardiac team with the use of telemetry equipment.

    Stony Brook’s Cardiac Rehabilitation is equipped with a full range of exercise equipment, emergency equipment, and therapeutic modalities. Lockers and shower facilities are also available for patients.

    Patients receive education on nutrition, stress management, risk factor identification, and exercises to help them continue a healthy lifestyle following the cardiac rehabilitation program.