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    Patient Care

    Stony Brook Medicine Switchboard

    Our dedicated  team of switchboard operators assist patients, family members, guests, staff and healthcare providers connect with the those they are trying to reach.  You can request a number, to be transfered, or to have a provider or staff member paged.
    (631) 689-8333

    HealthConnect® General Information Hotline
    Stony Brook Medicine's HealthConnect® systems provides community physicians and prospective patients with a direct link to physicians and medical services at Stony Brook.
    (631) 444-4000

    Patient Care Locations
    Stony Brook Medicine's locations include specialized Institutes, Centers, Clinics and Laboratories in settings both on and off campus. Here are phone numbers, addresses, directions and maps for your convenience. 
    Click here for a complete list and contact information.

    Frequently Requested Numbers

    Cancer Helpline


    Emergency Medicine
    631) 444-2499

    Hospital Auxiliary
    (631) 444-2699

    Information Desk and Concierge Services
    (631) 444-7412

    Language Interpreter Services
    (631) 444-2880

    Patient Advocacy
    (631) 444-2880

    Pediatric Emergency Department
    (631) 638-3500 

    Social Work Services
    (631) 444-2552

    Volunteer Services
    (631) 444-2610

    Employee Health
    (631) 444-7767

    Health Resources Center
    (631) 638-0851

    Human Resources
    (631) 444-4700

    Health Sciences Schools

    School of Dental Medicine
    (631) 632-8900

    School of Health Technology & Management
    (631) 444-2252

    School of Medicine
    Undergraduate Medical Education
    (631) 444-1030

    Graduate Medical Education
    (631) 444-2084

    (631) 444-2113

    School of Nursing
    (631) 444-3200

    School of Social Welfare
    (631) 444-2138



    Health Sciences Library
    (631) 444-3100