Hands-Only CPR Day


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    Help set a record for the largest CPR training event in the U.S.! 
    It is our goal to train over 5,000 people in one day in this vital technique so we can make Suffolk County the safest it can be in one day! Join us to improve survival and make your home and workplace a safer environment. 

    September 7, 2014
    10 am to 4 pm
    LaValle Stadium, Stony Brook University

    Register as an individual or with a team and choose your 30-minute training period. Sessions will take place every half hour between 10 am and 4 pm. Walk-ins welcome.

    The five largest teams will win Automated External Defibrillators; the next five largest will win CPR equipment.

    Anyone can learn to perform CPR, and save a life. Don't pass up this opportunity to participate in this important event and help make Suffolk County safer. 

    The current survival rate from Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA) in Suffolk County is 5.9%. The most successful communities in the United States have achieved survival rates as high as 16%. Stony Brook University Hospital has the highest documentated SCA survival rate in the country at 12.6%. 

    CPR plays a critical role in survival from SCA. The rate of Bystander CPR in Suffolk County is 19%, far below other major communities in the United States. CPR performed by family and friends can increase survival from SCA by three fold.

    Preparation is Key to Success!
    Watch this one-minute video to maximize your learning on September 7 (this does not replace the learning at the event).


    Sponsored By:
    Stony Brook Medicine
    Stony Brook Volunteer Ambulance Corps
    Event Partners:
    Louis J. Acompora Memorial Foundation
    Suffolk Country Fire, Rescue and Emergency Services