Calcium Creatinine Clearance Ratio Calculator


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    Enter Serum Calcium:  (mg/dL)
    Enter Serum Creatinine:  (mg/dL)
    Enter 24 hour Urine Calcium:  (mg/24 hours)
    Enter 24 hour Urine Creatinine:  (mg/24 hours)
    Calcium Creatinine Clearance Ratio:


    Calcium Creatinine Clearance Ratio > 0.01 suggestive of Primary Hyperparathyroidism (PHPT)

    Calcium Creatinine Clearance Ratio < 0.01 suggestive of FHH (may also be seen in PHPT with Vitamin D deficiency)


    1. Please make sure the 24 hour Urine Calcium is in mg per 24 Hours and NOT as mg/gm of Creatinine or mg/dL.
    2. Please enter the 24 hour Urine Creatinine in mg per 24 hours and and NOT in grams or mg/dL or gm/dL.
    3. If the ratio is >0.1 or <0.002, you may have made an error in entering the values, and please verify your entries.
    4. For SI units (Canada, Europe), please enter the Serum Calcium & Serum Creatinine in mmol/L, and the 24 hr Urine Calcium & Creatinine in grams/24hr. 
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