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Stony Brook Medicine performs nearly 300,000 imaging studies annually and continually invests in advanced imaging equipment. In some cases, the program serves as a test site for manufacturers, allowing influence on future design and use and bringing the latest technology to patients well before other facilities in the region have access to them.

Even though Stony Brook has the most advanced imaging technology in Suffolk County, the equipment is only as good as the people who use it. That’s why the quality of our team is so important. Our highly experienced imaging team is led by board-certified and fellowship-trained radiologists — many of whom train other radiologists and medical students — and includes registered and licensed radiotechnologists and experienced registered nurses. Together, they deliver a high level of professional care, high quality, low dose readings and a quick turnaround of results, all backed by the full resources of an academic medical center. This means if abnormalities or complications arise, or if you need a consultation with a specialist, the right people and the right resources are available and accessible on-site.

Also of note is how the high level of expertise translates into safety and accuracy. For example, it takes years of study to perfect the precise nuances of delivering the lowest dose possible for each individual patient. It is a very particular specialization that takes into account a number of factors and requires a trained eye and a wide range of experience.