From the Hospital CEO - March 2014


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    We turn to doctors to help keep us healthy — and sometimes to save our lives. On March 30, National Doctors’ Day, we have the opportunity to thank those physicians who have changed our lives for the better and recognize the essential care that they bring to ourselves and to our families. 

    At Stony Brook Medicine, that care is delivered every day by 1,117 exceptionally talented and capable men and women — doctors who are not only the heart of our organization but also of our community.

    Consider the collective impact of Stony Brook physicians on Suffolk County families, neighborhoods and businesses in just one year: They treat 32,985 inpatients, welcome 3,960 newborns, handle 96,760 emergency visits and conduct 219,911 outpatient visits. So many people restored to their homes and jobs. So many babies bringing joy. So many lives touched, transformed — and saved — by a Stony Brook physician. 

    Consider, too, how complex the work of healing has become. Physicians today provide effective and compassionate care that uses our nation’s healthcare resources efficiently. Care that is based on state-of-the-art medicine and technology yet addresses the individual and considers the whole person.

    And because Stony Brook is an academic medical center, the region’s only tertiary care center (i.e., a center that provides advanced specialized care) and Suffolk County’s only children’s hospital, our doctors are called to do more. They provide the highest levels of care to the region’s sickest and most severely injured patients; teach our medical students, residents and fellows as they become the next generation of doctors; and transform the best ideas in medicine to the best ideas in patient care through clinical research. So a Stony Brook doctor’s impact not only includes improving the lives of patients but also improving the future of medicine. 

    At its essence, the practice of medicine is like no other profession. Physicians entering the field swear an oath to dedicate their lives to the service of humanity. Doctors are entrusted with the responsibility — and honor — of impacting lives and alleviating suffering every day.

    So it is that Stony Brook Medicine extends sincere thanks to our physicians on National Doctors’ Day, and invites you join us. If you have a story of appreciation about a special doctor or physician team at Stony Brook, let us know. Has a Stony Brook doctor made a difference in your life? Click here to visit our National Doctors' Day page and leave a comment or log onto our Facebook page at We’d love to hear from you.

    L. Reuven Pasternak, MD
    Chief Executive Officer, Stony Brook University Hospital
    Vice President for Health Systems, Stony Brook Medicine

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