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We are a diverse group of men and women dedicated to the patients of Stony Brook Medicine

Executive Board Members 2015-2016

Uta Dee President
Barbara Delfyett First Vice President
Elena Middleton Second Vice President
Pat Macarchuk Treasurer
Karen Villanueva-Walsh Recording Secretary
Linda Shamash Corresponding Secretary
Karen Villanueva-Walsh Past President

Committee Chairs:

Uta Dee,
Panayiota Doering
Blankets & Baby Hats
Heidi Campani Baby Portraits
Linda Shamash Community Outreach
Gloria Snyder,
Uta Dee
Gift Shop Liaisons
Janice Rohlf,
Caroline Gassner Levine
Barbara Delfyett Hospitality
Janet Hovnanian Nursing Liaison
Panayiota Doering Parliamentarian
Barbara Delfyett Vendors
Ann Jupp Newsletter

Corporate Board of Directors:

Reuven Pasternak, MD Chairman
Karen Villanueva- Walsh President, Auxiliary
Barbara Delfyett First Vice President
Janice Rohlf Past President, Auxiliary
Pat Macarchuk Treasurer
Uta Dee Secretary
Mary Samios Member-at-Large
Gary Bie Member
Jason Hsueh Member
Carol Gomes Administrative Liason, Auxiliary

Office Staff - University Hospital Auxiliary:

Toni Kamsler, Administrative Assistant


We are a Member of the Nassau Suffolk Council of Auxiliaries whose purpose is to:

  • Provide a basis for exchange of experience on Auxiliary activities with emphasis on the Nassau/Suffolk area.
  • Develop ways and means of stimulating interests throughout the two counties in hospital auxiliaries and volunteer services.
  • Promote the extension of hospital auxiliary programs for the benefit of the individual hospitals.