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    Staying Safe: Preventing Falls in Older Adults

    Did you know?

    • Falls are the leading cause of injury, death, hospitalization and Emergency Department visits among adults age 65 and older — and that 65 percent of hospitalized seniors are admitted to a nursing home or rehabilitation center after a fall.
    • One out of every three people age 65 and older falls each year — and people who have previously fallen are at an increased risk to fall again.
    • Aging increases the risk of falling and the severity of the injury.


    What Can You Do? 

    If you are over age 65:

    • Talk with your physician about your medications. Some may contribute to dizziness, imbalance and fatigue.
    • Eat healthfully to maintain strength.
    • Participate in exercise and other activities that promote balance and strength.
    • Fall-proof your home

    If you have a parent or family member over age 65:

    Falls and subsequent hospitalizations can severely limit the independence of older adults. Here are two tools to assess potential problems with your family member and take steps to reduce risks of falling in the home.

    Assessment Tool - Home Safety Checklist.
    Because older adults most often fall at home, prevention is key. Click here to discover how safe your loved one's home really is.
    Prevention Tool - How Can You Help a Parent or Family Member Remain Falls-Free?
    Because falls are a major threat to the health and independence of older adults - and the most common cause of hospitalization in this population - prevention is key. Click here to see if your parent or family member is at risk by performing an assessment, and then take appropriate action. 

    Additional Resources

    • Suffolk County Bureau of Public Health Nursing: (631) 853-3069
    • Suffolk County Falls Prevention Coordinator (falls prevention and wellness classes): (631) 853-6472