Short Video Messages for Patients

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    Patient Meals (2:11)     (Español)
    Patient meals at Stony Brook Hospital always receive high ratings from patients. This video shows how to order meals.

    Call Bell (1:54)     (Español)
    Stony Brook's nursing staff check on patients regularly and frequently, but now and again patients need help or have questions between nursing rounds. This video demonstrates using the combination Call Bell / TV controller.

    Information for Visitors (2:37)  (Español)
    The family plays a vital role in ensuring the health and well-being of patients. This video provides important information all visitors need to know.

    Patient Telephone and Television Service (1:28)     (Español)
    Telephones and television help keep patients connected to the outside world. This video explains how to order and pay for these services.

    Discharge (2:45)     (Español)
    From the moment you come to Stony Brook, we will be working to prepare you for discharge. Find out what you need to know about the discharge process. 

    The Healthcare Proxy  (2:27)  (Español)
    Every patient should have a Healthcare Proxy. Learn what is and how to get one by viewing this video.

    Your Patient Representative (1:55)     (Español)
    Patient representatives are available to assist patients in a number of ways. Find out more about this service and how a patient representative can help you.

    Chaplains (1:51)    (Español)
    The Hospital staff includes a team of chaplains to provide spiritual comfort to patients and families. Find out how to speak with a chaplain or participate in worship services while a patient.

    Electrical Gear and Gadgets (1:46)    (Español)
    Some patients want to bring special electrical gear to the Hospital from home. View this video to learn what is permissible.

    Patient Surveys (1:47)     (Español)
    We want to know what we do right and where we can improve. Learn about our survey program in this video.